Monday, April 27, 2015

The spirit of the Fox. Watercolor.

Sunset in the farm. Watercolor.

The Magician, from Enchanted Animals. Watercolor and pencil.

Secrets of the Polar bear, from Enchanted Animals. Watercolor and grey ink pen. 

The enchanted sea creatures. I love this color, my favorite color ever, its the color of eternity. This is a project about enchanted animals, all made with watercolors and drawing. So far I have made 3...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

mystic fox

This is the first illustration for a project of a deck of reading cards. The other illustration is the rabbit reading a symbol letter in the forest. Need to work on this idea more. I am always starting new projects and leaving other behind, have to come back to this one.

Happy B

Very special birthday card for my friend Youngsick that lives in South Korea. It was fun drawing without lines and drawing, it´s the opposite of what I usually do. It´s a little bit like drawing with your other hand, in my case the left one. Did a couple of other illustrations just using this style. Looks easy but it is not! I do like the retro feeling! 


I do love to go back on my sketch books and color some of the pages. I have so many, things that I do when I am waiting for the train or listening to someone. Some people hate when I am drawing while that talk to me, what they don´t know is that this is my way of listening better!


My exercise of coloring my sketch books just using 3 colors. Really liked it in the beginning, now I am not so sure....

Monday, July 07, 2014


Here it is, second illustration for the deck of cards. Will that deck ever be complete? 

signs of spring

I have had so many good reactions to this illustration. In reality I don´t even remember were the idea came from, I think I found a sketch in one of my diaries that I really liked and I decided to work on it. It took me no more then 3 hours to do it. I thought about coloring it but to many "fans" just said: don´t do it! It´s so sweet the way it is! Yes, I also like it very much like this. wondering what my bear is doing. Counting love me yes, love me not?  

love me

One of my creativity exercises. Just to keep the mind fresh, sometime I like to do creative exercises. Just to do something that I usually would´t do. In case you are wondering, the socks on her head are meant to be a hat. Does it look like one? The sentence was in a magazine and I just loved it! what a nice thing to say to someone, "I want to have adventures with you!". Pick up a stranger and say it, them let me know how did it go.


This is part of the same exercise as you can see. It was really raining, and I felt that it was only on me...

color b

A page from one of my sketchbooks. Crazy ideas...

3 c rabbit

I do love rabbits in every shape or form, but I think I had enough of this 3 color thing!

Monday, January 13, 2014

cat in buttons

Another page from my sketch book. I still don´t know if the cat is wearing a turtle neck or a sleeve. Cats are amazing animals, I guess it could be either...

Thursday, January 09, 2014

the man that is going out is also coming in...

I have a secret love for quilts. well who know me best will tell you that is not a big secret, every time I can I just paint a quilt. It´s kind of my mark, the illustrator that is always drawing quilted bed...

Open your arms to the sun shining, and if it´s raining and cloudy, just know with all your heart that the Sun is there, behind everything else there is this beautiful star just sending us light!